About Us

Global Vision International LLC  of Delaware, USA  is doing  business in the Middle East Region.  Our ready or customized professional services cover many aspects of business development and management. We are active in developing business plans, management structuring, project financing, transfer of technology, strategic partnership,  and full program management. Our program management and consulting offerings include: Providing project resources, business process transformation, post implementation reviews, portfolio management, and outsourcing.

Our team approach ensures that each aspect of every assignment is expertly addressed and considered as part of the whole.  Quality, safety, time, cost , and sustainability are important  factors that will determine the success of the business.

Our Undergoing Project can be a landmark for what we can do. Historically, the Middle East is known for its vast sahara deserts. Global Vision International of Delaware, since 2016 started preaching on the importance of afforestation in the region. Our team reached and contacted local environment organizations and businesses in a number of the Gulf countries for that reason.

Recently, H.H. Prince Salman made and declared his thoughtful initiative for a Sustainable Green Middle East. His plan declared the intention to plant billions of trees in Saudi Arabia and neighboring countries. Global Vision International LLC was ready and  established strategic partnership and dealership arrangements with European organizations which have developed tree planting systems suitable for arid and desert lands. These systems are Internationally known for their capacity to save up to 90% of irrigation water in the very hot seasons in the saharas.

We also concluded a partnership arrangement with Al Qadri Nurseries of Jordan in order to bid for providing seedlings  and planting expertise to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.  Al Qadri is one of the largest nurseries in the Region and has the capacity to produce millions of seedlings every year.

Equipped with our management and leadership expertise altogether with the expertise of the best tree nurseries in the region, and a range of water saving planting systems from Europe, we are tendering for afforestation contracts.

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Al Qadri Nurseries in Jordan , produces seedlings for orchids, ornamental plants, shrubs, and forest trees from 650,000 Sq. Meters plastic covered green houses spread over many places in Jordan that have different types of weather. We invite our guests and clients to view the Al Qaderi Nurseries catalogue. Please click here to download the catalogue.